History in Kalmar - 12 matches

Castens gården

Area: Kalmar  Map

History, Other Saddler Castens and his wife Anna Hermansdotter built the stepped gable house at Storgatan 20 in 1667. Ever since then some sort of trading activity has been pursued in the prop...

Hiring a guide

Area: Kalmar  Map

Guided tours, History At the Kalmar Tourist Office, you can hire a guide any time of year for city walking tours or sightseeing tours around Kalmar, Öland, the Kingdom of Crystal, the emigration regi...

Kalmar Castle

Area: Kalmar  Map

History, Museum, Ancient castles [...] The history of this legendary castle stretches back over 800 years. Its present appearence dates from the 16th century, when the Vasa kings rebuilt it in the style of a Renaissa...

Kalmar Cathedral

Area: Kalmar  Map

Sights, History, Churches Kalmar Cathedral is one of the few unaltered buildings from Sweden’s period as a great power.

Kalmar läns museum

Area: Kalmar  Map

History, Museum Kalmar County museum is found in a big building that once contained Kalmar steam mill. The museum offers exhibitions throughout the year. The biggest exhibition presents the war...


Area: Kalmar  Map

History, Other The only one remaining in Kalmar.

Old Cemetery

Area: Kalmar  Map

History, Other The Old Cemetery is the oldest Christian burial ground preserved in Kalmar. A church was built during the first half of the 13th century and in this connection they started to l...

Rosenlundska huset

Area: Kalmar  Map

History, Other Dating back to 1654, Rosenlundska huset is the oldest building in Kalmar’s central district of Kvarnholmen.

The Old Town in Kalmar

Area: Kalmar  Map

History, Other, Sights The medieval center of Kalmar, known today as the Old Town, lies right next to Kalmar Castle. It still has many well-preserved 17th- and 18th-century buildings and is an invitin...

The stone Gustav Vasa

Area: Kalmar  Map

History A stone commemorating Gustav Vasa’s return from exile on May 31, 1520.

Union Monument

Area: Kalmar  Map

History, Nature and culture This work of art commemorates the 600th anniversary of the Kalmar Union.

Västerport (The West Gate)

Area: Kalmar  Map

History, Other, Sights This magnificent town gate is called Västerport (The West Gate) or Högvakten (The Main Guard). Completed in 1658, it was the main entry to Kvarnholmen right up to 1870.

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