Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

Address: Stuvenäsvägen 1, S-385 97 Söderåkra Show map

Address: Stuvenäsvägen 1, S-385 97 Söderåkra

Modern hotel - and conference center with a kitchen of superior class. Today's lunch, a la carte and gourmet food in an estate environment. Appr. 250 seats.

Stufvenäs Gästgifveri dates back to the 1800s, and today, here is a modern hotel and conference center, with a kitchen that serves food and drink of the highest caliber, and a well-known, extensive wine cellar. Stufvenäs also offer special arrangements, such as cooking classes and various theme weekends, such wine-tasting and detective weekend

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  • Phone number
    +46 0486-21900
  • Street address 1
    Stuvenäsvägen 1
  • City (address)
    S-385 97 Söderåkra
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Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

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Stufvenäs, dating from the early 19th century, offers a genuine manor house environment with tasteful decor in classic style and top-notch food and drink. Relax in our spa or meet the scenic surroundings where Örarevets Nature Reserve with child-friendly beach is just minutes away


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