Address: Skälby 4H-gård, S-39238 Kalmar Show map

Address: Skälby 4H-gård, S-39238 Kalmar

Skälby is one of the many green areas located close to the city. The animals and well-preserved buildings of the 4H farm preserves the feel of an old farm. The area is child-friendly, closed to traffic, and features a large playground. Visit the rabbits, pigs, cows, chickens, goats, sheep, horses and cats that live here.
Everyone is welcome to the farm!

Activities on offer include pony rides and cart rides. Grill hot dogs, or just take a walk, and enjoy a picnic. In the spring and summer, there is a cafe serving coffee, hot dogs, ice cream and waffles, as well as a farm shop with products such as eggs laid here.

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About this activity

  • Phone number
    +46 (0)480-237 79
  • Street address 1
    Skälby 4H-gård
  • City (address)
    S-39238 Kalmar
  • Website
  • Opening hours
    4H-farm: Open daily 9am – 5pm Café: Open daily 10am - 4pm

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