To do in Kalmar - 113 matches

Activity Date Price
1 Restaurant Zegel Restaurants Map
2 Canoe, kayak and SUP in Kalmar Fishing, boat and canoe, Sports and excercise, Nature and outdoor Map
3 Holmgrens Konditori Cafés, Food and drink Map
4 Fishing Fishing, boat and canoe, Nature and outdoor Map
5 Athena Restaurants Map
6 Kalmar City Park Nature and culture, Other, Sights Map
7 Biostaden Kalmar Family, Pleasure Map
8 Harrys Nightclubs, Restaurants, Food and drink Map
9 Fiesta Konditori Cafés Map
10 PINCHOS Food and drink, Restaurants Map
11 Källaren Kronan Restaurant Restaurants, Food and drink Map
12 Kalmar Art Museum Museum, Sights Map
13 TACO BAR Food and drink, Restaurants Map
14 Park Hermina Food and drink, Restaurants, Nightclubs Map
15 Pizzerias Food and drink, Restaurants Map
16 Thai Silk Palace Restaurants Map
17 4 Kök Restaurant & Café Cafés, Restaurants Map
18 Bistro5 Restaurants Map
19 Satan i Gatan Nightclubs Map
20 Mighty Activity rental – Paddle boat, Kayaks, canoes, SUP Family, Sports and excercise, Pleasure [...] Map

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