Experience Kalmar the climate-smart way | Kalmar

Experience Kalmar the climate-smart way

Are you trying to live a more environmentally friendly life? Then you’ll probably want to continue that during your holiday. Here, Kalmar Municipality’s sustainability strategist provides some hands-on suggestions for those who want to experience Kalmar the climate-smart way.

- Take the train here. The train station is located in the centre, and Kalmar is perfect for exploring on foot or by cycle.

- Choose a hotel that is environmentally certified.

- Ask where food and drink come from when you eat in a restaurant and choose locally produced or vegetarian food. Then you will benefit both the environment and local industry.

- Dare to ask for a doggy bag for your leftovers when you eat out.

- Shop for souvenirs you will use, preferably locally produced products or groceries.

- Visit flea markets or shop second hand.

- Take the cycle ferry across the Sound for a day trip to Öland by cycle.

- Go on a city walk or try a scenic footpath.