General prohibition on lighting fires | Kalmar

Not allowed to light a fire outdoors or have a barbecue outdoors

As from 23 July at 12:00 noon, the prohibition on lighting fires throughout the County of Kalmar will be tightened. Due to the current extreme dry weather conditions, it is now prohibited to use of all types of barbecues, Trangia stoves and similar. The exception is electric barbecues as they don’t require any fire. This decision applies to all municipalities in the County of Kalmar and covers all places including private gardens. There is already a prohibition on lighting fires throughout the County of Kalmar. The prohibition will remain in force until further notice. Please help us to spread this information by sharing this post. Thank you!

  • You are not allowed to throw cigarette butts carelessly outdoors. For example, sitting in a car and flicking a cigarette butt out of the window is considered culpable neglect.
  • It is prohibited to use pyrotechnic equipment outdoors.

    A breach of the prohibition to light fires is grounds for being reporting to the police.