Hidden pearls | Kalmar

Hidden pearls

Are you looking for something different from the usual sights? Here both residents and visitors give top tips about Kalmar's hidden gems.

The old graveyard behind Söderport café.

Emmy, Tingsryd

The Krusenstiernska garden. It's a leafy oasis in the centre of town where you can find peace and quiet or have a coffee and, in the summer months, watch fantastic outdoor theatre. It's a real Kalmar pearl!

Liselotte, Kalmar 

Kullzenska café – gorgeous interior decor, excellent hummus sandwiches and pie! Stensö – the countryside, the sea… lovely!

Gunilla, Karlskrona

Lycksalighetens ö.

Anneli, Sundsvall

Cafe Lotsutkiken.

Anneli, Kalmar

The 4H farm at Skälby. There are cute animals and the kids can play while the adults have a coffee in the green open spaces.

Johan, Sundsvall

The courtyards in Kalmar town centre. There are so many pretty and sheltered ones and a lot of them are open to the general public.

Lotta, Kalmar

Don't miss Ängsbackens Garden in Förlösa. You don't have to like flowers to enjoy being here. The surroundings are attractive, there's good coffee, games for the children and a unique orangery if you want to spend a few quiet moments among the lemon trees. And lots of healthy plants, knowledge and excellent service. They make the sun shine even if the sky is covered in clouds.

Sara, Läckeby