Öland bridge | Kalmar

The Öland bridge

The bridge between Kalmar and Öland is a wellknown motive and most people probably recognize the silhouette over the Kalmar Sound.


Plans for a bridge between the mainland and Öland had existed for a long time, but it was not until thr year1967 that the first sod was taken, more particulary on December 30. Four years and nine months later, on September 30, 1972 , Europe's longest bridge, the 6072 -meter Öland Bridge was inaugurated. The bridge is no more the longest in Europe, but still the longest in Sweden , if you count the bridge components located on Swedish territory.

Did you know ...

... It's only a third part of the Öland bridge that is visible? The rest, is built under water. In some places, the bridge foundation is laid 22 meters below the bottom of Kalmarsund.
... The bridge is 13 meters wide
... The maximum height is 41.69 meters , and the lowest is 6.65 meters
... The free sail height under the bridge is 36 meters
... The total cost of construction of the bridge was 130 million sek
... It is forbidden to go by bicycle - or walk - across the bridge. Summertime you can instead take the bicycle ferry to and from the island of Öland.

It is free of charge to pass the bridge.