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Destination Kalmar AB and GDPR

Destination Kalmar AB is a company wholly-owned by Kalmar Kommunbolag AB. We follow the privacy policy of Kalmar Municipality but have chosen to make a few additions on the basis of the company's operations.

Destination Kalmar's mission
Destination Kalmar AB's mission is, in collaboration with the regional business sector, to develop, profile and promote Kalmar as a travel destination, The company shall also coordinate and develop events and  sports tourism in Kalmar, run the city's tourist center and guest harbour. Destination Kalmar AB is also, in cooperation with the National Property Board Sweden, responsible for the running of Kalmar Castle.

Collection and processing of personal data
We handle personal data according to the privacy policy of Kalmar Municipality. The most common reasons we have collected information about you is that you have an arrangement or contract with us, that you have made a booking here, that you are a part of our network or that you have registered to any of our events or newsletters. Being a contact person for a organisation that operates within the region, a journalist or an influencer are also reasons for us to have collected information about you.

Photo publishing
To be able to fulfill our mission – developing, profiling and promoting Kalmar as a travel destination – Destination Kalmar regularly publish photos showing sights and events in Kalmar. After several evaluations we have decided that the good purpose of publishing photos of people overcomes any negative effects that it may cause. (lawful basis: legitimate interests)

Our photographers always show great respect when taking photos. For example they...
• Always try to take neutral photos.
• Aim to picture any potential human motive in a positive way.
• Try to capture as few faces as possible.
• Avoid taking photos of children.
• Aim to inform all those involved that Destination Kalmar AB will be taking photos during the event. In some cases the information is available in advance on the event's website, sometimes the host/speaker of the event informs the present crowd about the situation and sometimes the information is displayed on bike racks or such associated with the event.

People who are being pictured in any of Destination Kalmars channels have the right to have it removed. If you wish to have your picture removed, please contact [email protected].

Use of cookies
We use so-called cookies on our internet sites,, and Cookies are used as an aid for you find the information your are looking for the easiest way possible, and also to help adjust your visit at our websites according to your personal needs and requests. You can decline the use of cookies by making the right adjustments on your browser.

Privacy policy for Kalmar Municipality Group
Do you want to know more about how Kalmar Municipality handles personal data and how you shall proceed in case you want your data corrected or erased? Please read the whole privacy policy here:

If the information in English is different from the Swedish version, it is the Swedish version that applies.