Sandsculpturefestival | Kalmar

Kalmar International Sandsculpture Festival is a popular feature in Kalmar during the summer. During a week in July, a group of international sculptors gather at Nya Kalmarsundsbadett to create fantastic works of sand. They start their work on Monday and during the week the visitors can see how the sculptures are progressing step by step.

This year's sand sculpture festival will be the seventh in the scheme and will be held July 8-12. The number of teams that are allowed to participate is limited to seven.

- The festival is the only one of its kind in Sweden, so the interest in being with is usually great. Last year, artists from Sweden, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Latvia, Germany and Canada participated. We will certainly see some of the world's best sand sculptors in Kalmar even this summer, says Edwin Böck, who is artistic leader.

- The Sand sculpture festival is an event that stands out and which gets great attention even outside Kalmar. Since the sculptures usually remain for a long time, it is a popular destination for several weeks and not just during the festival week, says Pär Israelsson, Destination Kalmar.