The best picnic spots | Kalmar

The best picnic spots

In Kalmar, there are lots of lovely places to spread out your rug and open your picnic basket. Here are some top tips from both visitors and residents for the ultimate picnic site.

Stadsparken! (City Park) The park is so beautiful and all ages will have fun there in the outdoors, at the art museum, or running or walking along the winding paths – and last but not least the wonderful play area.

Cecilia, Kalmar

Stensö headland is a perfect place to have a picnic. It's a little way outside town but there's a fantastic view over the Kalmar Strait.

Sara, Kalmar

Skälby, with its animals, climbing nets and play area must be Kalmar's best picnic site. There's lots of room for both large and small, regardless of whether you want to kick a ball about or read a book, or swing from the climbing nets.

Teres, Oslo

For me, Svinö is the best place for a picnic! There's a fantastic view over Kalmar and the Kalmar Strait and because you can choose which side you want to be on, there's a lot of variation! It's also easy to get there by either car or bicycle.

Ann, Kalmar

The Krusenstiernska Gården is Kalmar's best picnic site! The gorgeous garden, the historical and beautiful surroundings in combination with the fact that you can sit there and have a picnic... Krusenstiernska is a little oasis behind a high fence in the centre of Kalmar.

Anna, Kalmar

Kalmar Dämme is a hidden gem where you can sit right by the water and relax. You can watch the animals eat and drink or the pike jump. The ponds are always a favourite with all ages.

Carola, Kalmar

The castle is always a great choice. Simply to sit there and feel all the history flowing through you. All of the joy and sadness that have been felt here over the years; you can't help but be moved. And it's also a great place to take a picnic.

Annelott, Högsby

The best picnic site is Laboratorieholmen in Kalmar. Here you can enjoy beautiful lush greenery together with the noise of the splashing waves. It's so nice to be here with a picnic basket, a rug and a good friend!

Anna, Kalmar