Winter activities | Kalmar

Winter activities

Want to head out on the skiing tracks? Or lace up your skates? When the weather permits, there are many opportunities for winter activities in Kalmar.

Skiing tracks

Skiing tracks for cross country skiing is made ​​on the jogging tracks in the region. The closes one from the city center is at Stensö Recreation Area.

Downhill skiing

Downhill skiing can be performed at “Svartbäcksmåla”. This smaller complex is situated in the town Nybro about 30 km west of Kalmar. There are three slopes where one is for children. Lift pass is bought at the facility. Ski rental services are offered. Sledding slopes and cross country skiing is also possible at Svartbäcksmåla.

Ice skating

Ice skating is offered in the local ice rink and when the weather allows - outdoor ice rinks in the central of Kalmar and a few more places in the county. The local ice rink is located on the street “Smålandsgatan” right next to the swimming and sport center. The outdoor ice rink located closest to the city center is next to the public library. Here you can also find a smaller sledding slope.

Fire pits

Fire pits are found at the beaches on Stensö, Långviken, Kalmarsundsparken, Svinö, Jutnabben, Norrliden, Värsnäs and Ljungnäs. There’s also one at the water tower in Berga, at the football field and playground at Skälby and by the wind shelter on Svinö.

Winter swimming

Winter swimming and sauna are available at Långviken and Norrlidsbadet. Långviken is located about 2,5 km south from the city center and Norrlidsbadet about 6 km north of the city center.